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Hot Fusion Hair Extensions

When it comes to add-on hair, fusion bonds are the extension of choice, the most realistic, comfortable and natural looking of all hair extensions. Starting with the highest quality natural remy hair, these bundles are tipped with premium natural keratin and can be attached with either hot or cold micro bead fusion.
Hot fusion keratin tip extensions are installed using a heating element which safely melts the keratin tips onto your own hair. The keratin tips are bonded close to the roots of your hair to allow for a seamless blend.
The fusion method has been around for years, you can wear your hair back into a ponytail, swim, play and go out without anyone being able to tell you are wearing hair extensions and you won’t require a touch up for months!

Cold Fusion Hair Extensions

Cold fusion technique where small sections of your hair are pulled through a small cylinder lined with silicone to protect your natural hair and clamped shut with a pair of plyers. The application uses no heat or glue, When applying and removing properly no damage will occur to your natural hair.
Looking for recommendations on what you can do to your hair with Bond Extensions, Schedule a consultation with one of our hair extension experts. Prima Hair Salon the best hair salon for cold or hot fusion extensions.