Micro-Link Hair Extensions
micro link | micro beads hair extensions
micro link | without the use of glue or chemicals
micro link |beads are clamped using pliers
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micro link | full head micro bead
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micro link | blend the extensions flawlessly
micro link | add volume and length to thin hair
micro link | strand by strand hair extension method
micro link | for blond hair
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Micro-Link Hair Extensions

This method involves attaching the extension to the hair using a tiny, color-matched metal cylinder bead lined with silicone to protect your natural hair from breakage. There are several advantages to this method; the extension hair can be reused after removal, the extension can be applied and removed without the use of a adhesive bond and they are relatively easy to install. Micro-link hair extensions can be adjusted (moved closer to the scalp) as the natural hair grows. And, unlike with hot fusion, they may be reattached if the strand comes out. With proper care, micro-rings extensions can last up to 3 months. The amount of hair required for a partial or a full head varies, for thickening it takes 25-75 strands of extensions, for lengthening it takes 100-200 strands of extensions. By using microlinks hair extensions you will be able to reach the glamorous look you are seeking while not sacrificing your natural hair in the process. Micro-Link extensions are almost always the choice for clients who are concerned with adhesive-based extensions.