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Brazilian-knots Hair Extensions

The Brazilian Knot method is excellent for your hair because it doesn’t damage your own hair and it offers a wonderfully lightweight and natural look that feels fantastic. This method involves attaching hair extensions to your individual strands by way of wrapping an elastic thread. This method is ideal on hair that is straight or wavy, due to minimal tangling at the root, this method doesn’t include hot or cold glue, metals, braiding in, sewing. Whether your application is for length, volume, color enhancement, or simply update your current style, this revolutionary system will blend beautifully with your natural strands, There are no limitations , no heavy-duty maintenance or restrictions on the use of styling tools. Because of its unique attachment method, The strand by strand offers all these advantages without ever compromising the integrity of your natural hair. You are free to shampoo it , style it as often as you like. It looks 100% natural and very much like your own hair! This method is ideal for a woman who lives an active lifestyle and doesn’t want to worry about looking after her hair every moment of the day. You can also expect that the extensions will remain in very good shape and grouped together until it is time to get them taken out in a professional hair salon. Expect it to take up to 6 hours for the full process to be completed. Brazilian Knot hair extensions are designed to last for several months once in place, the maximum time that it is recommended you use these hair extensions is around 5 months.
The entire hair removal process should take less than an hour and will leave your hair feeling completely fine and undamaged.
If you want to get new Brazilian Knots extensions added again right away you may need to consider another hair straightening treatment before you reinstall them, particularly if your natural hair is Afro and is starting to grow in curly again.
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